Let’s elope, baby!

If you’re reading this and you’ve already decided to elope or you’re thinking about it, congrats! The last 2 years have really showcased elopements when people didn’t have any other choice, but there are still so many couples that are still choosing to elope over having a big wedding. Even if you’re planning a simple, smaller affair, there’s still quite a bit of planning involved and decisions to make like where to do it, who to invite, the styling and most importantly, why you want to elope in the first place.

But fear not! I’ve put together 6 do’s and don’t when it comes to planning an elopement. Whether you’re planning to elope in Dubbo, somewhere else in New South Wales or anywhere in the world, these tips will help.

(Featuring images from a styled shoot by the Lumino Fine Art Workshop at Guestlands in Sydney)

1. DO it for the right reasons

It might seem ‘trendy’ to elope, but it’s really important to discuss the reasons for wanting to elope. Saving money, avoiding stress, keeping things simple and intimate, or avoiding any family drama, are all completely valid reasons to elope – just make sure you’ve thought a lot about your decision, and it’s something that you both want.

2. DON’T forget about hiring a photographer

Even if you’re planning something simple, don’t dismiss booking a photographer. It’s an important day you’re going to want to look back on for the rest of your life, and it’s all you’ll have to share with your family and friends once you’re married.

BONUS TIP: book a photographer you really vibe with and who’s work you love. Lean on them to help you plan the best day to suit you and what you both really want.

It’s an investment you won’t forget!

3. DO talk in depth about what you want your elopement to look like

It’s so important to sit down as a couple and chat about what you want to do and how you want it to look. Talk about places of significance, time of year, what you want to wear, who you want to involve and if there’s any particular theme you want to stick to. Write a list of all the things you want to include, order them based on priority and start ticking them off!

4. DON’T feel bad

Whether you’re choosing to elope for financial reasons or because you simply want it to be just the two of you, don’t feel bad. If having a big wedding isn’t for you, that’s reason enough to elope.

5. DO make a trip out of it

If you’re going to all the effort of choosing somewhere special and amazing for your elopement, why not make a special trip out of it. It could even turn into your honeymoon! Imagine getting married on the beach at sunset, having epic photos together, enjoying a romantic dinner together on your first night married then the next day, your honeymoon begins. The options are literally endless!

6. DON’T forget to take care of the legal stuff

If you’re planning on eloping overseas, the ceremony in a different country won’t be legal. So you’ll have to have a legal ceremony in your own country first. And if you’re marrying local, you still need witnesses and officiant. You’ll also need to research how long before the day you need to register. Even the most ‘spur of the moment’ elopements still need a bit of forward thought!

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If you’re planning an elopement and you’re on the hunt for a photographer who will not only take banging photos of you and your other half, but someone who will help navigate the planning process, I’m your gal. Get in touch here and let’s chat!

Amy xx

Amy Allen

July 8, 2022



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